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Association of operators of technologies for ecological waste utilization

How to become a member?

The STEO association is open to each subject that operates and/or implements a facility for environmental protection or is otherwise committed to Waste to Energy.

The honorary member of STEO is a juristic or natural person who has expressed his/her interest to become a member and who noticeably contributed to the accomplishment of the mission and goals of STEO.

Admitting a member or an honorary member to the association is subjects to the decision of the executive board.

Each STEO member has the right to participate in activities of the association accomplishing its objectives. In addition, the member of the association has the right to benefit from services provided or arranged by STEO for its members. Further, he also has the right to vote and be elected to the authorities of the association and contact the relevant authorities of the association with respect to applications, comments and proposals.

How to become involved?

Further information and registration.

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